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It all stems from the persistent pursuit of perfect sound quality. We believe that the headset is not only a product, but also a spirit and a belief. It is this spirit and belief that nourish the strong growth of sound strength; it is also this spirit and belief that gives sound strength people higher pursuits and dreams. This is the philosophical view of the strong man.

Exquisite electro-acoustic technology, refined management, sophisticated manufacturing technology and product quality are the goals that all strong people have always adhered to and pursued! Adhere to the product philosophy of "integrity, pursuit of perfection", and adhere to the "dedication to professionalism, global marketing "Business philosophy, all sound strong people are building Sound Into the goal of" a world-renowned audiovisual brand "and make unremitting efforts to keep moving forward. Looking forward to the future, Shengqiangren will be based in China and become world-renowned for its higher quality and reliable products and services.



▲Aesonic Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 1999. It has been focusing on the research and development and product application of overall acoustic product solutions for many years. It is a high-tech enterprise advocating technological innovation. The production base is located in Dongguan, with sales outlets in China, the United States, Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions to provide customers with complete acoustic product solutions and ODM / OEM services.




▲We focus on the research and design of acoustic products, establish a good cooperative relationship with universities and research institutions at home and abroad, and introduce the world's advanced research and development production equipment and industry top talents to design and produce industry-leading MEMS microphone products; The vertical integration of the industrial chain, combined with independent research and development of microphones, speaker units and acoustic related technologies such as noise reduction, provides customers with a one-stop overall solution. At present, it has developed into a professional multimedia headset and a music headset as its core products. It has three independent brands of Avova, Aexus and Aesonic, dozens of independently developed high-tech products and an efficient and qualified Management team, whose products have been sold in 63 countries and regions around the world.

Our products and solutions are applied to consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices and computer peripherals; we independently developed MP3 headphones, USB2.0, USB5.1 headphones / headsets, USB Dolby headphones / Headsets, noise reduction headsets, DJ headsets, SRS 3D headsets, headsets for Internet cafes, walkie-talkie headsets, telephone headsets, mobile phone hands-free headsets and other products have been recognized by our customers and have become electro-acoustic product suppliers to Fortune 500 companies. Become one of the main providers of acoustic products and solutions.




Sound Intensity's active investment and innovation in research and development has achieved remarkable results. We advocate independent intellectual property rights. We have obtained dozens of technology patents and won honorary titles such as "Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise". The company has a professional R & D department, with independent product development and design capabilities, and a mold manufacturing center, capable of undertaking various grades of OEM / ODM cases.




We have an excellent team that lays a solid foundation for the company's long-term development; At the same time, we focus on the introduction and cultivation of talents, and continuously enhance the research and development capabilities to improve the technology and quality of products, and provide customers with a full range of ODM / OEM services ; From product planning, design, production to final product promotion, provide complete acoustic product solutions according to customer's market needs.




The company has main departments such as quality department, mold department, injection department, wire department, silk screen department, assembly department, electro-acoustic department, etc. The monthly production capacity can reach more than 800,000! In order to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, the company is following a one-stop group business model.

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