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In 2020, the "live online" Canton Fair will be held!
In 2020, the "live online" Canton Fair will be held!
Time of issue : 2020-06-19 09:05:20
All business personnel of Aesonic Electronics will present professional product explanation to you during the exhibition. Please watch!
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All business personnel of Aesonic Electronics will present professional product explanation to you during the exhibition. Please watch!
Analysis of correct wearing mode of bluetooth headset
Analysis of correct wearing mode of bluetooth headset
Earphones were originally two articulation units that were hung over the ear, and a number of varieties have been developed, mostly earphones, earplugs, earbuds, and the newly developed bone-conduction earphones. Headphones are the earliest type of headphones. Earplugs are a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of headphones, and their smaller size makes them easy to use outside. Due to the development of the city, the ambient noise is getting louder and louder. The in-ear earplug is a breakthrough of earplug products, which is more suitable for outdoor use. Earpiece can be regarded as an intermediate product between earpiece and earpiece. The characteristics of earpiece neutralize the advantages and disadvantages of earpiece and earpiece, belonging to a kind of product with unclear characteristics. However, as far as wearing is concerned, earpiece is very beautiful. Bone-conduction headphones are a relatively new technology that USES vibrations to direct sound through the skull to the listening center. But the product is not yet popular enough to revolutionize headphones.
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Earphones were originally two articulation units that were hung over the ear, and a number of varieties have been developed, mostly earphones, earplugs, earbuds, and the newly developed bone-conduction earphones. Headphones are the earliest type of headphones.

Earplugs are a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of headphones, and their smaller size makes them easy to use outside. Due to the development of the city, the ambient noise is getting louder and louder. The in-ear earplug is a breakthrough of earplug products, which is more suitable for outdoor use.

Earpiece can be regarded as an intermediate product between earpiece and earpiece. The characteristics of earpiece neutralize the advantages and disadvantages of earpiece and earpiece, belonging to a kind of product with unclear characteristics. However, as far as wearing is concerned, earpiece is very beautiful. Bone-conduction headphones are a relatively new technology that USES vibrations to direct sound through the skull to the listening center. But the product is not yet popular enough to revolutionize headphones.

How to measure the sound quality of a pair of headphones
How to measure the sound quality of a pair of headphones
There are some ways to measure earphones. However, the hearing sense of earphones is different from that of speakers. The sound waves emitted by the earphones attenuate and interfere in the air, and interact with the human head and ears. The quality of the sound of the earphone is more important than its technical performance. Since the shape of the head and ears are different, a pair of earphone will have different listening feelings for different people, so the recommendation can only be used as a reference. You must listen to the sound of the earphone in person if you have the opportunity.
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There are some ways to measure earphones. However, the hearing sense of earphones is different from that of speakers. The sound waves emitted by the earphones attenuate and interfere in the air, and interact with the human head and ears.

The quality of the sound of the earphone is more important than its technical performance. Since the shape of the head and ears are different, a pair of earphone will have different listening feelings for different people, so the recommendation can only be used as a reference. You must listen to the sound of the earphone in person if you have the opportunity.
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